Lessons from a Public Speaking Coach: Speak with Confidence

Lessons from a Public Speaking Coach: Speak with Confidence


Public speaking is an indispensable skill across various spheres of life. Whether you aim to become a professional speaker or wish to engage a wider audience, mastering this skill can significantly impact your personal and professional goals. Approximately three-quarters of individuals experience public speaking anxiety, translating to a lot of people who feel apprehensive about delivering speeches in front of others. This widespread concern underscores the essential need for effective public speaking coaching.

The fear associated with standing before an audience can be daunting for many. This is where the guidance and expertise of a public speaking coach, or confidence coach, can be transformative. In this blog, we look into the multifaceted role of public speaking coaching, spotlighting Lee Futcher’s innovative approach, and showcasing how targeted coaching can significantly benefit anyone looking to enhance their speaking prowess.

What is a Public Speaking Coach?

A public speaking coach, often seen as a speech coach or executive coach, provides structured, individual coaching aimed at improving your ability to articulate ideas, engage with audiences, and deliver messages with confidence.

Lee Futcher stands out with decades of coaching experience, offering a holistic and personalized coaching style. This approach goes beyond the mechanics of speaking to foster genuine confidence and charisma in his clients, transforming them into influential and impactful public speakers.

Why Hire a Public Speaking Coach?

Benefits of Hiring a Public Speaking Coach

Engaging a public speaking coach offers multiple advantages:

  1. Expert Guidance: Benefit from one-on-one coaching services with expert coaches who provide personalized feedback tailored specifically to your speaking style and professional needs.
  2. Confidence Building: A confidence coach specializes in reducing speech anxiety and building genuine self-assurance, turning apprehensive individuals into confident speakers.
  3. Professional Growth: Enhance your executive presence and leadership skills in the business environment, crucial for professional speakers aiming for maximum impact.
  4. Efficiency: Achieve your public speaking goals more effectively and within a limited time through targeted strategies and constructive criticism from professional coaches.

Types of Public Speaking Coaches

Types of Public Speaking Coaches

Different types of public speaking coaches cater to varying needs, ensuring that every aspect of speech and presentation is covered:

General Public Speaking Coaches

Ideal for beginners or those looking to improve their overall speaking style, these coaches provide a foundation in effective speaking and presentation skills, suitable for a wide range of public speakers.

Executive Speaking Coaches

These coaches are focused on developing authoritative communication, executive presence, and leadership qualities, making them perfect for business leaders aiming to excel in the business environment.

Speechwriters and Content Development Coaches

These professionals assist in crafting compelling content, focusing on storytelling techniques and avoiding foggy messaging, ensuring your speech makes the desired impact on your audience.

Voice and Diction Coaches

To improve vocal quality and clarity, these coaches work on enhancing vocal delivery, addressing issues like modulation, articulation, and pronunciation.

Presentation Skills Coaches

Focusing on the non-verbal aspects of speaking, these coaches help perfect visual aids, body language, and storytelling techniques, essential for effective speakers.

Anxiety and Fear Reduction Coaches

Specializing in overcoming speech anxiety, these coaches employ techniques to manage nervousness, transforming it into energy that enhances your presentation.

TED Talk and Keynote Speaker Coaches

For those aiming for high-stakes environments, these coaches guide crafting memorable speeches, using storytelling techniques for maximum impact.

Sales and Pitch Coaches

These coaches enhance persuasive speaking skills, crucial for delivering pitches that captivate and convince audiences.

Academic and Scientific Speaking Coaches

They focus on clear communication of complex subjects, making them accessible and interesting to a broader, often more academic audience.

Cultural and Language Adaptation Coaches

For non-native speakers, these coaches focus on language skills and cultural nuances to improve communication across diverse groups.

Self-Assessment: Do You Need a Public Speaking Coach?

It’s commonly found through surveys that around 72% to 75% of people harbor a fear of public speaking. If you find yourself among this majority, it may be time to consider how a coach for public speaking could benefit you.

Reflect on your current speaking skills and ambitions. If you experience speech anxiety, feel underprepared, or aspire to elevate your public speaking, a tailored speech coaching program, particularly one offered by Lee Futcher, could be the catalyst for significant improvement.

What To Expect From A Public Speaking Coach

What To Expect From A Public Speaking Coach

Research suggests that in public speaking, effective communication consists of 55% non-verbal cues, 38% vocal tone, and 7% the actual words used. A public speaking coach can help you master these aspects, emphasizing the significance of maintaining poise alongside verbal delivery.

In your public speaking coaching sessions, expect a journey of growth. From personalized assessments to practical speaking exercises and continuous support, a coach like Lee Futcher will guide you through every step, ensuring steady improvement and lasting confidence.

Are you looking for a public speaking coach? Book an appointment now at Leefuctcher.com

Book an appointment now at LeeFutcher.com to collaborate with a dedicated speaking coach for public speaking. Seize the opportunity to participate in comprehensive online workshops and specialized public speaking workshops.

These sessions, guided by an experienced coach for public speaking, are designed to significantly enhance your communication skills and help you achieve your professional goals. Engage with interactive, personalized coaching sessions that cater specifically to your needs and ambitions in the world of public speaking.


Embracing public speaking can open new doors and opportunities. With the support and expertise of a public speaking coach, you can transform apprehension into eloquence, enabling you to communicate your ideas with clarity, confidence, and impact to a wider audience.


Can a voice coach help with speaking?

Absolutely. A voice coach focuses on improving aspects such as tone, clarity, and diction, critical for effective speakers.

Why can’t I speak in public?

Common reasons include fear, lack of experience, or insufficient preparation. A public speaking coach can address these issues by providing strategies and practice to build confidence and skills.

How do I prepare myself for public speaking?

Preparation involves understanding your audience, practicing your speech, and seeking constructive feedback. A public speaking coach can provide expert guidance through these steps, ensuring you are fully prepared and confident.

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